Tsepelovo – Rogovou abbey (mini documentary)

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Tsepelovo – Rogovou abbey (mini documentary)
Tsepelovo is a mansion village, known from the 16th century, built at an altitude of 1,080 meters. It is the largest village in the area of ​​Zagori and the seat of the Municipality of Tymphi The traditional stone-built architecture is present in all the houses, paths and churches of the village. The cultural center of "Hestia", the church of Saint Nikolaos built in the 18th century and various mansions of historical families stand out. The village owes its reputation to its three-day feast, which takes place in August and gathers people from all of the Zagorohoria villages. The rest of the year, it offers for a walk and a guided tour of the stone-made picturesque streets in the square with the perpetual -plane tree giving its shade to the visitor and the churches that exist around . A remarkable religious sight to visit is St. John Rogov's Monastery just before entering the village. Today, Tsepelovo is a tourist destination during the winter months. It has been characterized as a traditional settlement, with many of its listed buildings sos. Look the destination on the map

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