Kipoi Zagoria flight (Eng subs)

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Kipoi Zagoria flight (Eng subs)
Kipoi are built on a rocky hill in the heart of Zagori. The village was named after the impressive gardens that surround it. The colors of nature in harmony with the houses of schist, travel the visitor in past seasons. Almost every building of the village maintains the respect of the architectural tradition, whether it is old or new. Cobbled streets, stone fountains The church of Agios Nikolaos, built in 1779 , the Bagia Abbey, the Folkloric Museum of Agapios Tolis, is a point of interest. the characteristic feature of the village is the many beautiful bridges of the wider area, such as the Petsioni, the mill, Kalogeriko. the famous bridge of Kokkoris (or Noutsou), built in 1750. Look the destination on the map
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