Katarraktis Ioanninon flight (Eng subs)

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Katarraktis Ioanninon flight (Eng subs)
Ioannina Villages
Katarraktis. is located in the northwest. of the city of Ioannina, is hooked on a steep hill surrounded by rivers with a unique view. At the highest point is the square, the church and the cafeteria where it is the meeting place of the villagers. Various footpaths lead us to dozens of attractions in the area, such as the chapel of St. George built in 1605 with the belfry standing in two old hollies Below is the chapel of St. Paraskevi where, according to the hagiographies of the temple, dates back to 1705. Emperors, historians and travellers such as Andronikos b Palaiologos, Lord Byron and others have praised with their texts the region's callus. Following the stream of the Kalamas River, we reach the large waterfall where the village now owes its name. On the west side there is a gorge 130 m deep and 2 km long. Which remains unknown even for the residents It is distinguished by the rich flora of the scattered springs and limestone caves. In the middle of the gorge there is a unique creation of nature for the wider region, the sky bridge or the devils bridge for the locals, where Kalamas passes among green vegetation. All of the area is a unexplored site waiting to be discovered. The recording was made in the studio of orange radio in Arta    http://www.orangenews.gr/radio Look the destination on the map
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