Acheron river :Gates of Hades – flight

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Acheron river :Gates of Hades – flight
The gates of Hades are located in the Acheron River,(Greece) after the village of Serziana in the south of the prefecture of Ioannina. There are two paths to guide us: the stone-built cobbled path, following it we reach exactly where the two mountains form a kind of arch (at the bottom). While the dirt road leads us to a clearing where the plane trees, the ferns, the river coexist harmoniously. Peaceful, distant mystery is the environment around us. the sound of Acherontas' waters and the singing of the birds contribute to the creation of an odd but at the same time fairy-tale atmosphere. According to mythology, there was Kerberos, the mythical monster with the three heads, the dragon tail and the mantis, the guard at the gates of Hades, were the boat man carry the dead souls to the Underworld. The location is unknown to the general public, and the journey by car is quite complicated. It seems that the gates of Hades even nowadays want to preserve their secrets well. ουν καλά κριμένα τα μυστικά τους. Look the destination on the map
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