Agnanta drone flight (mini documentary Eng subs)

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Agnanta drone flight (mini documentary Eng subs)
Agnanta is located in the mountain range of Tzoumerka and is built at an altitude of 642 meters. The name of the village derives from the greek adverb “agnanta”, which means “across, from the other side”. The first written document that survived, which is about the time the village appeared, is a “tapi” (Turkish notarial document) in 1729 that refers to properties and woodlands of Agnanta. In the recent years, during the period from 25 to 27 of August in 1943, many people died in the village, since the Germans burned 86 houses and executed the residents. The village has a lot of firs, plane trees, pine trees and arbartus. The lush vegetation is combined with springs, stone fountains and watermills, which make an immense natural and colorful landscape that follows harmoniously the seasonal cycle of nature. Look the destination on the map
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