Ancient Cassope flight (mini documentary)

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Ancient Cassope flight (mini documentary)
Kassopi was the political center of Kassopaeans , one of four most important genders of ancient Epirus among the fourteen that mentioned by Theopomus, a historian of the Four century. B.C Its geographical boundaries were to the north of the River Acheron, south the Amvrakikos gulf, east the Louros River and to the west the Ionian Sea. As evidenced by the impressive buildings and the rich finds of the excavations, the city has enjoyed great prosperity since the mid-4th century Bc until the beginning of the 2nd century Bc. The city had its own mint. Its coin depicted Jupiter and and Afrodite Its prosperity lasted until 168 BC. In 167 BC. Was destroyed by the Romans led by Emilio Pavlos and was finally abandoned by the obligatory settlement of its inhabitants in Nicopolis, at the end of the 1st century BC. Look the destination on the map
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