Ancient city Orraon flight

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Ancient city Orraon flight
Donate us, visit the website click to the button donate Ancient Orraon is an impressive ancient Molossian acropolis and archeological site where there is much historical value. Where much has been uncovered, such as various houses, a reservoir, cemetery, and roads". Orraon was founded in the 4th century B.C. while Alcetas I was king. This was the period of the Clasical period  and Hellenistic period . In 167 BC the Romans destroyed Orraon, but was rebuilt shortly afterwards. The city of Orraon lasted for a short period of time. In 37 BC the town had one hundred houses, twelve streets, and a grave yard. Orraon was abandoned by its people. Its inhabitants were forced to settle in Nicopolis which is located in the south western part of Greece. The city of Nicopolis was founded by Augustus after his victory in the Battle of Actium . Horreum was mentioned by the historian Livy.
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