Ancient Nikopolis walls ,theater Drone Flight

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Ancient Nikopolis walls ,theater Drone Flight
Just a few kilometers before Preveza city in Preveza-Ioannina national road, stands proud with the ravages of time dont touched particularly, the City of Victory, Nicopolis of Epirus, Nikopolis Preveza! At the foot of Smyrtoula village is the ancient theater of Nicopolis, which is the first Ancient attraction you meet coming in Preveza, with panoramic views of Nikopol, Ambracian Bay and the Ionian Sea. The construction of the theater included in Octavian's construction project associated with the revival of Actium, which included musical contests. Just a few meters further raised imposingly the walls of the ancient city founded as a symbol of the great victory of Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus and later Roman Emperor. August against Mark Antony and Cleopatra at Actium in 31 BC and flourished during the Roman period. Ancient Nikopolis as a whole, is an important Heritage monument which in recent years made a concerted effort to integrate in Unesco. Look the destinaton on the map
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