Flight with Flamingo in Louros Delta

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Flight with Flamingo in Louros Delta
This place is an important habitat for both aquatic and wading birds which spend winters and reproduce in the area as well as other important species of flora and fauna. 20%-30% of the total aquatic bird population of Greece spends their winter in the larger area of Amvrakikos Gulf, at the lagoons of Logarou, Tsoukalio and Rodia. Here nests the Dalmatian Pelican (Pelecanus Crispus) which is one of the most endangered species in the world along with Little Egret, Squacco Herons,Black Crowned Night heron and grey Herons. Purple Herons, Little Bitterns, Glossy Ibises and Eurasian Spoonhills reproduce in the swamps, among water canes. In older times, White Tailed Eagles (Haliaetus Albicilla) nested at that place but nowadays they can be seen there only during wintertime.
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