Katarraktis Artas – flight

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Katarraktis Artas – flight
Katarraktis is a mountainous village of Epirus built at an altitude of 800m on Athamanian Mountains, widely known as Tzoumerka. The visitor will walk on stone paved alleys around the beautiful square, quench their thirst at the central traditional fountain with crystal-clear water and decorated with four lion heads or visit the Church of Assumption which has been declared a historically preserved monument. The village was named after the two impressive waterfalls which are approximately 100m high and their water falls from the west slopes of Tzoumerka with great force causing awe to the visitor and granting dynamic and unique beauty to the scenery. At the two edges of the area there are two traditional watermills which are also historically preserved monuments. They were used by the area inhabitants during the preindustrial era. It is certainly an ideal destination as visitors will never feel bored and will have the chance to witness all of this natural grandeur. Look the destinaton on the map
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