Koprena Lighthouse – Arachthos Estuary flight

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Koprena Lighthouse – Arachthos Estuary flight
The Lighthouse of Koprena started functioning in 1893 but nowadays the house of the lighthouse keeper has been turned into a museum. You can find it at Koprena area in Arta Prefecture. You can follow the stone paved path from Koprena village and the picturesque tavern of the area for about a kilometer on foot to reach the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is 9 metres high.   In ancient times the mouth of Arachthos River was further in the east than it is situated today, although there is a location called “old river mouth”. Through the years Arachthos River has been fighting Amvrakikos Sea and it slowly yet steadily moves the north coast of the Gulf. The river mouth is situated near Kommeno village in Arta Prefecture. Look the destination on the map
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