Metsovo between two seasons drone flight

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Metsovo between two seasons drone flight
Between the towering mountains of Lakmo and Maurovouniou, amphitheatrically built at an altitude of 1200 meters, we meet one of the most picturesque settlements in Greece, Metsovo. Its name derives from the Slavic "meskka" which means bear and "ovo" which means village. Walk arround at its most beautiful spots you can visit the Folklore Museum of Metsovo, the Averof Art Gallery where you will see a large and impressive collection of paintings by Greek painters of the 19th and 20th century, as well as a remarkable collection of sculptures and engravings. The Averof Garden must definitely host your ride, as it is a park of about 10 acres with all kinds of Pindos trees, and one stop at the Watermill of Gkina For lovers of religious tourism you can visit. the Monastery of Saint Nikolaos and the monastery of Panagia (Dormition of the Virgin Mary). Its beauty, however, does not come into molds and impresses all year differently, with the traditional atmosphere that exudes: cobbled streets, traditional fountains, old mansions. Landscapes make Metsovo a place that you can visit all year round. ηροφορίες που μάς έδωσε για το Μέτσοβο. Look the destination on the map
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