Monolithi, beach with only one Rock

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Monolithi, beach with only one Rock
. The serenity of a vast sandy seashore combined with the bluest sea color is the first spontaneous feeling caused as we gaze Monolithi Beach in the end of August a few kilometers away from ancient Nikopolis and Preveza town. At many spots of the seashore, magnificent eucalyptus trees cast their shade on holidaymakers and campers of an organized camping in the area. There are many beach bars and a famous building complex that can cover almost all the needs of a visitor. The name Monolithi was given to the beach because of a range of rocks which stand 10m away from the coast. These rocks poked out from sea surface for about a metre of their size until 1943 when Italian and German soldiers bombed the rock for their entertainment with mortars and smashed it. As a result, it became a reef not protruding from sea surface. The great extend of the beach, easy accessibility and the scattered facilities give it an important advantage as it can be visited by people of all ages. You will find it 10km northwest of Preveza town.
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