Old stone bridges in Thesprotia

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Old stone bridges in Thesprotia
Crossing the old and destroyed Perdika Park in Thesprotia, after twenty minutes , you meet the bridge of Saint Thanasis, it stands survivively between the trees and shrubs .
After a glade and path covered with oak leaves forming a natural carpet, we found the Bridge of Goura in the community of Lia Thesprotia.
The bridge of the church is located in the bordering village of Tsamantas just before the central square, well-preserved  within the foliage.
 Shortly before Tsamantas in the village of Saints  Pantes is the bridge of Kavala that was built about 100 years ago according to the inhabitants of the village was renovated in 2004.
In the area of ​​Elia Thesprotia crossing a dirt road between fields is the Kalpakiotiko bridge built in the beginning of the 19th century
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