Old stone bridges Ioannina prefecture part I – flight

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Old stone bridges Ioannina prefecture part I – flight
The bridge of Konitsa is the second largest single-arched bridge located in Epirus and was built in 1870 by the craftsman of Pyrsogiannitsa Zioga Fronzzo. It is built at the entrance of the city, at the end of the ravine of Aoos River, which bridges Filos Bridge. One-arched bridge that bridges Chrusia River (tributary of Kalarrytikos). It was built in 1908 and is one of the few that bears the name of the foreman. Gresi Bridge is located below the village of Palaiopyrgos. It bridges the Gresi site , Gormis River . From there the locals passed to go to their fields, but also to the mill. It has three arches, grounded on the rocks. The big bridge bridges the cliff formed just below it and the waters create a waterfall! Two arched bridge in Oreokastro (formerly Lachanokastro). According to information it was built in 1889 and mainly served the communication of five villages (Delvinaki-Dolo-Agios Kosmas-Vissani-Oreokastro) with Vasiliko-Geroplatano-Kefalovriso-Konitsa Bridge of Mesaria - Galinas It is located at the entrance of the village of Kastaniani or Kastanese in the province of Konitsa. It unites the two homonymous mosquitoes. It was built in 1936 and bridges an anonymous stream of the Sarantaporos River.
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