Roman odeon – Augustus monument (AncientNikopolis) flight

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Roman odeon – Augustus monument (AncientNikopolis) flight
The Roman Nikopolis Odeon was built by order of Emperor Augustus Octavian, and his capacity is 700-1000 people. The "Roman Odeon" Nikopolis (30-27 BC) located west of the series of early Christian walls on the provincial road Preveza - Arta, in the Roman city center, 200m from the old Archaeological Museum "Nikopoli" The "August Monument" was a magnificent tiered building 62m length and 45m width., Where Octavian Augustus had ordered, after the victorious battle of Actium (2 September 31 BC), placed 36 really figureheads (bronze pistons) of various sizes from hostile triremes of Queen Cleopatra VII and Mark Antony, special carved stone '' cases ''. Look the destination on the map
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