Ziros lake and its myth (mini documentary)

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Ziros lake and its myth (mini documentary)
Ziros lake is located almost 2 km west of Filippiada. Its name is of Slavic origin, and its creation is due to the tectonic activity of the region Interestingly, there is a mythical legend of the area telling us that there was the Ziropoli(town) in which two sisters lived, a jealous rich and a virtuous poor. The children of the rich were very weak and weak, while those of the poor were sturdy and healthy, with the result that the rich sister envy and send away the poor. An angel was presented the same night to the poor sister and told her to take her children and leave from the town , without looking back. When they started to go , a great earthquake took place, the poor sister turned to look and transform to stone with her children and animals. Since then some have said that their figures are imprinted on the rocks of the lake Surrounded by plane trees, oak trees, willows, osiers and many other types of vegetation, it offers its dew and shade to visitors. Look the destination on the map
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