Beach Odysseus Moorage (Kerentza)- flight

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Beach Odysseus Moorage (Kerentza)- flight
Kerentza beach (Odysseus moorage) Located in Preveza prefecture in the municipality of Parga’s near the village Valanidorachi suitable for anyone who want to be calm and camp.The beach is ful of grey sand and sallow, with a small river in south east and a port for small ships at northwest. History The Odysseus moorage (Kerentza as locals says the beach ) When The king of Ithaca left Penelope went to this Beach and pass to the main land of Thesprotia’s. He must appease the God Poseidon as Tiresias told to him . (He take a paddle in his shoulder until he found a person which he doesn’t know about puddle and sea . Until he came within the country of Thesproti’as and meet a person that he answer what is that who carried.
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