Filippiada storks town – (Eng subs)

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Filippiada storks town – (Eng subs)
Fillipiada is a small town in Preveza Prefecture. It is considered to be the same town as the ancient town named Haradros which flourished during the 7th and 8th century B.C. We can see the ruins of that ancient town at Kastri location. The town was named either after a prominent man of the area called Filippos who owned the place or to the widespread breeding of horses that took place there. The town is informally divided into three neighborhoods: New Filippiada, Old Filippiada and Eleftherochori. It is known for the large population of storks and as a result they surge in large numbers to the town. Visitors passing by the area are suggested to stop at Ziros Lake and the Roman aqueduct near St George village. source : wikipedia   Look the destination on the map
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