Papigko drone flight mini documentary

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Papigko drone flight mini documentary
Papigko may be one of the most remote villages of Zagori, however, it is a terrestrial paradise, a pole of attraction for many visitors all year round. The stunning formation of Astraka, with its steep rocks stood majestically above the village, is breathtaking. the fountains with crystal clear waters, the picturesque taverns and cafes make the visitor unable to separate the area. Between Mikro and Megalo Papigko in Lakos area, is a bridge linking the two settlements to the old path, built in 1854 by Anastasios Lolis. Crystal waters, in a landscape that looks like a movie scene, we meet in the Kolimpithres and after the Astraka refuge at a height of 2050 meters we find Drakolimni of Tymphi. At any time of year, if you find yourself in this traditional settlement, you will understand why Papigo is among the most famous and popular Greek destinations.
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