Preveza prefecture beaches flight

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Preveza prefecture beaches flight
The coastline of Preveza prefecture has a length, more than 65 km and its starting point is the coast of the Kiani Acti coast in the south and ends up to Sarakiniko Beach in the north. Sandy beaches with crystal clear waters over two kilometers will meet exploring the prefecture, such as Monolithi beach, Kanali, Kastrosia, Vrachos-Loutsa. The coastline of the Preveza law has a peculiarity as we ascend to the north, the pine trees in combination with the blue-green waters of Ionian sea take their place, . Ammoudia with the mouth of Acheron, Alonaki, Kerenza, and towards Parga, Agios Sostis, Krioneri and the Valtos are creeks that coincide the green with the blue, giving a peculiar beauty. Lygia, Ammoudia, the two picturesque fishing villages where you can buy fresh fish, Odysseus' moorage, which recommend for campers with caravans and tents. Peacefull, remote, secular, lonely are the beaches of Preveza prefecture are expert for any visitor.
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