The Village of Exarcheia founder Pournia

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The Village of Exarcheia founder Pournia
Pournia is located on the northwestern slopes of Mount Smolika in the Vourkopotamos valley, a tributary of Sarantaporos. The village is built on sloping ground between oak and black pine forests. It is 87 km northwest of Ioannina and 25.5 km north-west. from Konitsa. The old name of the village is Staritsiani. Its characteristic features are the rich waters, the renovated stone fountains, its lighting and its cobbled streets. At the entrance of the village and about 3.5 km away is the stone bridge of "Black Stone" or "Sellou" or "Seliou" dated 1817 which has been distinctively since 2010 as a monument and sample of popular Epirus architecture. At the end of 1800 Vassilios Exarchos from Pournia Ioannina opens a big grocery store at the junction of Themistokleous and Solonos streets. Its reputation is rapidly spreading, as its prices, especially in oil, are unrivaled. All Athenians rush to Exarchus to shop for good and cheap products. The area is now known by the name of the grocer and is called Exarchia.
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