Vourgareli flight (mini documentary – Eng subs)

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Vourgareli flight (mini documentary – Eng subs)
Voulgareli is built at an altitude of 800m at the foothill of Tzoumerka Mountains , surrounded by thick vegetation and running waters. It is assumed that the name comes either from the surname Voulgarelis , a lumberjack in the area or by Bulgarian lumberjacks who settled down there as there were forests and running waters which they to carry building wood to Arta town. Plenty of guesthouses exist in the area, grill houses and picturesque cafes designed to accommodate Visitors The stone-built monastery of Agios Georgios is imposing over the village, founded in 1690, while the hagiography was made a few years later in 1714. A few kilometers before arriving at the village,in Palaiokatouno area, we meet the red church built during the reign of the despotate of Epirus. Look the destination on the map
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