Vovousa magnificent flight (mini documentary Eng-subs)

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Vovousa magnificent flight (mini documentary Eng-subs)
Vovousa is situated at east Zagori area and it is directly linked to the genuine tradition of Epirus. La Pountika bridge can be found at the entrance of the village and a little farther you can see nerotrivi (a wooden funnel where water was poured with great force so as to form a vortex, used for washing wool materials) and a stony watermill, all of which give us an idea about what we will see in the village. The beauty of the natural scenery is abundant due to both the thick Vovousa forest being part of the National Park and to Aoos River which runs through the village. The stone paved alleys, the bridge in the centre of the village and St George’s Church are some places of interest. If you find yourself there on 26 July, you will enjoy the tree-day feast taking place to honor Saint Paraskevi. It is a place you can visit all four seasons of the year. It is possible to see snow in the winter, magical colours in Spring and Autumn as well as enjoy a swim in the river during summertime. Look the destination on the map  
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